Course Rotation

Year One - Autumn

Dzongkha Advanced Language Course I (Sumtag & Ngag-doen) (18 units)



Legal Composition & Rhetoric (6 units)

Tort Law (including Restitution)

Year One - Spring

Dzongkha Advanced Language Course II (Nyen-ngag & other Dzongkha literature and writing) (18 units)

Human Rights and Human Duties

Political Science

Legal Writing & Research (6 units)

Contract Law

Year Two - Autumn

History of Bhutan (in Dzongkha and English) (18 units)

Property Law

Jurisprudence & Statutory Interpretation

International Law

Oral Advocacy & Logic (6 units)

Year Two - Spring

Buddhist Philosophy (in Dzongkha) (Tshema-Rigpa & Nangdoen-Rigpa) (18 units)

Civil & Criminal Procedure I (General Procedure and Civil Procedure)

Environmental Law

Penal Law and Restorative Justice

Legal Drafting – Conveyances & Pleadings (6 units)

Year Three - Autumn

Legal History of Bhutan (in Dzongkha and English) (18 units)

Constitutional Law I – Comparative Constitutional Law

Civil & Criminal Procedure II - Criminal Procedure and Evidence

Law, Religion & Culture

Intramural Moot Court (in Dzongkha)

Year Three - Spring

Administrative Law, Anti-Corruption & Public Procurement

Constitutional Law II – Bhutanese Constitutional Law

Corporate Law

Alternative/Appropriate Dispute Resolution I - Negotiation

Intramural Moot Court (in English)

Year Four - Autumn

Law & Gross National Happiness

Family Law

Alternative/Appropriate Dispute Resolution II - Mediation & Arbitration

Intellectual Property Law


Year Four - Spring

Law Clinic I (24 units)

International Commercial Law

Professional Responsibility & Lawyer Ethics


Year Five - Autumn

Law Clinic II (24 units)

Law Practice Management



Year Five - Spring

Externship (48 units)

Externship Writing