Eligibility Criteria

Who is eligible to apply?

Any current student in Class XII at a Bhutanese public or private school is eligible to apply. In addition, any person who has already completed Class XII at a Bhutanese public or private school is eligible to apply.
Foreign nationals and other non-citizens of Bhutan are eligible to apply for admission. However, such persons might not be eligible for certain government-sponsored scholarships. (We will make private scholarships available to all admitted students, regardless of nationality or citizenship.)

What are the admission criteria?

In order to attract the top future law students, JSW Law has adopted very different admission criteria and procedures for student admissions. The deadline for application is in mid-January, before the declaration of your 12th grade results. This is to ensure that students are applying because they want to be law students, and not merely because of their 12th grade results. Admissions decisions will be taken based upon the following criteria.

  • Cut-off Marks: In order to be eligible to sit for the Entrance Examination, an applicant must score at least 60% each in both Dzongkha and English. Students who do not meet this standard will not be considered for admissions.
  • Grade 12 Results: Unlike many other schools in Bhutan, we do not rely exclusively on your Grade XII results. We will take into account your Dzongkha and English scores (weighted at five points apiece) and, depending on your high school Stream (Arts, Commerce, or Science), two other courses (weighted at two points apiece). For shortlisting purposes and final selection, these grades will account for 30% of your final score.
  • Entrance Examination: All students meeting the cut-off requirement will be eligible to sit for the law school’s Entrance Examination. The entrance examination will account for 45% of your final score, and will include questions and exercises designed to test:
    • Reading comprehension (Dzongkha)
    • Reading comprehension (English)
    • Logical reasoning (English)
    • Analytical reasoning (English)
    • Composition (English and Dzongkha)
  • Interview: Based upon the Grade XII results and Entrance Examination performance, JSW Law will create a “short list” of top students, who will be invited to Thimphu for a personal interview with the faculty. The interview will account for 25% of your final score for selection, and will be designed to test:
    • Your abilities evaluated in the previous steps, especially oral and listening comprehension (both English and Dzongkha);
    • Your enthusiasm and motivation for attending law school; and
    • Your level of maturity and suitability for the practice of law.

    If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ page, or if you would like us to notify you when the application and recruiting process begins, please do not hesitate to email us at admissions@jswlaw.bt or fill out our online questions form.