JSW Law, University of Vienna solidify ties

JSW Law faculty and administration welcomed back a delegation of four Austrian law and social sciences faculty for eight days of meeting and planning, pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding concluded between JSW Law and the University of Vienna in December 2016.

The members of the delegation have been identified by the two schools as likly lecturers during JSW Law’s first two academic years (2017-19).  They are:

  • Professor Michaela Windischgrätz, who will co-teach Bhutanese legal history;
  • Professor Wolfram Schaffar, who will teach political science;
  • Professor Iris Eisenberger, who will co-teach environmental law; and
  • Professor Christina Binder, who will co-teach human rights and human duties.

In addition, Professor Windischgrätz is working with the law school and with the Bhutan National Legal Institute on a long-term research project delving into Bhutan’s pre-constitutional legal history.

The visit marks the third such meeting between the two institutions.  In November 2015, four JSW Law faculty met with senior officials and faculty of the University of Vienna in Vienna to explore avenues of potential research and teaching collaboration.  In April 2016, three Vienna faculty traveled to Thimphu to determine the feasibility of the proposed activities.

During their visit, the delegation met with their counterparts at JSW Law School, as well as public and private subject-matter experts in their respective fields of expertise.  The meetings included visits with representatives of the Royal Society for the Protection of Nature, RENEW, the National Environment Commission, the Loden Foundation, the National Council for Women & Children, and the National Library.

The visit is funded by a grant from the Austrian Development Agency, under the terms of the Austrian-Bhutan “Legal Sector Programme.”