Prof Sonnenberg speaks at virtual conference on Human Dignity

Prof Stephan Sonnenberg, the associate dean for clinical and experiential education, participated as a panelist at a “virtual conference” hosted by the Dignity Rights Project at the University of Delaware (USA).

The conference, titled “Dignity in Action,” was broadcast via the internet and involved panelists and participants from around the world.  Prof Stephan’s talk was titled “Human Dignity and Legal Rights and Obligations in Bhutan,” and focused on Gross National Happiness and the prospects for GNH infusing itself into Bhutan’s legal landscape.

“Human Dignity” is the theme of one of JSW Law’s first-year compulsory courses, which is co-designed and co-taught by Prof Stephan, along with Prof Dema Lam and Prof Christina Binder of the University of Vienna.  In addition, “Human Dignity” is the core of one of the law school’s three proposed clinical programs, participation in which will be mandatory for all students in their fourth and fifth year.