Anti-corruption expert visits JSW Law

Andy Spalding, professor of law at the University of Richmond School of Law (USA), spent four days at the law school, exploring opportunities for research and collaboration in the areas of administrative law and anti-corruption law and practice.

Professor Spalding came to Bhutan to work with Kesang Wangmo, junior lecturer in law, to help design the law school’s compulsory course in “Administrative Law, Anti-Corruption, and Public Procurement.”  The two met with current and former officials of the Anti-Corruption Commission, as well as the former Chief Justice of Bhutan, to discuss Bhutan’s approach to public and private anti-corruption efforts.

Professor Andy also took the opportunity to deliver a lecture to students of the law school and, separately, to moderate a roundtable discussion of the JSW Law faculty.

On The FCPA Blog, where he serves as senior editor, Professor Andy reflected upon his time in Bhutan in a post titled, “An anti-corruption movement like no other.”  He said, “Bhutan will add a new and different chapter to the anti-corruption story. A novel, challenging, and uplifting anti-corruption movement may well prove among its greatest exports. Watch this space.”

The full text of Spalding’s post is available online at