American high school students visit JSW Law campus

A delegation of 22 high school students from Punahou School in Hawaii (USA) spent the morning with students, faculty, and staff of JSW School of Law.  The students listened to a presentation on Bhutanese history and law and attended an orientation session with JSW Law students.

The students were accompanied by staff chaperones from their American high school.

Dean Sangay Dorjee and Vice Dean Michael Peil welcomed them to the law school’s administrative campus and delivered an hour-long presentation on Bhutan’s history and legal history.  After that, the students took a bus to the academic campus, received a short tour, and attended a class on Bhutan’s constitution and legal organs delivered by Prof Nima Dorji.  After lunch, students from the two schools had the opportunity to socialize with each other and learn about one another’s home cultures.

Founded in 1841, Punahou School has educated numerous politicians, artists, entrepreneurs, and athletes, including former U.S. President Barack Obama.