Prof Ugyen Thinley returns to service

(Mr) Ugyen Thinley, senior librarian, re-joined the JSW Law faculty this week, after one year of studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (USA).  Ugyen has completed his mandatory one year in residence towards his Masters of Library and Information Science, and will continue his studies remotely for the next year, en route to a projected May 2018 graduation.

Prior to joining JSW Law in 2015, Prof Ugyen served as a research librarian (in addition to a number of other roles) with the Secretariat of the National Assembly, the lower house of Bhutan’s Parliament.  He also served as librarian of Bhutan’s national law library, situated at the Bhutan National Legal Institute in Thimphu.

During his time in North Carolina, Prof Ugyen participated in a number of regional and national libarianship conferences and workshops, aimed to giving him the professional and academic experience and credentials necessary to help administer JSW Law’s comprehensive electronic and print library.

Judith Stark, the Associate Dean for Library and Information Services, welcomed his return.  “Ugyen was a key player in the early planning and establishment of JSW Law’s library.  We sorely missed him, but we are all immensely glad to have him back.”