JSW Law appoints Karma Choden as junior lecturer in economics

(Ms) Karma Choden, a 2016 graduate of the University of Wollongong, today joined the faculty of JSW School of Law as a junior lecturer in economics.

Karma’s research interests include developmental economics and the interaction of Gross National Happiness (Bhutan’s unique national development and planning strategy) and economics.

Upon graduation from high school, Professor Karma received a Royal Government scholarship to study economics abroad.  She was accepted at the University of Wollongong’s distance campus in Malaysia, where she earned her Bachelor’s of Commerce (Economics).

While awaiting appointment at the university level, Karma honed her teaching skills as a Grade XII teacher at Motithang Higher Secondary School in Thimphu, where she was regarded as a passionate and innovative teacher.

Vice Dean Michael Peil, the chair of the Faculty Selection Committee, expressed his delight at the addition of Karma to the teaching faculty.  “JSW Law is dedicated to developing future leaders who are fully fluent in the law, and legal professionals who are able to conceive of the implications that law has in society.  That is the reason we require Economics, Philosophy, and Political Science of all of our undergraduate students,” Dean Michael said.  “Professor Karma joins our colleague, Professor Pema Wangdi in Philosophy, as the nucleus of a strong social science and humanities teaching staff that will ensure that our graduates are not just great lawyers, but great holistic leaders.”