Public law expert David Law visits JSW Law

Professor David Law, a renowned expert in comparative constitutional law, spent two weeks in Bhutan, visiting the law school and working to help design the school’s constitutional law courses.  Professor David is the Sir Y.K. Pao Chair in Public Law at the University of Hong Kong (China) and the Charles Nagel Chair of Constitutional Law and Political Science at Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, Missouri (USA).

Prof. David Law

Professor David was in Bhutan to work with Professor Nima Dorji, senior lecturer in law, to research constitutional law and interview key figures and officials in Bhutan’s constitutional and justice sectors.  The two intend to collaborate to design the law school’s two-semester sequence in constitutional law, and also to seek opportunities to research and publish on Bhutan’s unique constitution and constitutional-drafting process.

During his visit, Professor David met with the current and former Chief Justices of Bhutan, as well as several other senior members of the Judiciary.  He delivered a lecture to the law school students.

“David and Nima’s time spent together in Bhutan was remarkably productive,” said Michael Peil, Vice Dean.  “We eagerly look forward to seeing what their collaboration will produce.”