JSW Law welcomes head of research Kristen DeRemer

JSW Law is pleased to welcome the newest addition to its research staff, Ms. Kristen DeRemer. Ms. DeRemer, an experienced social science researcher and research administrator, has been tasked by the Dean with setting up the law school’s Research Centre and encouraging original faculty and student research.

The Research Centre is mandated by the school’s Royal Charter, which directs the law school to become a focal point for research in support of the Bhutanese justice sector, national policy, and society.

Dean Sangay Dorjee welcomed Ms. DeRemer, stating, “Kristy’s considerable experience and energy is a vital piece in enabling our young faculty and the legal community in Bhutan to engage in high-quality, meaningful research in support of the law school’s goal to become a centre of research excellence for Bhutan and for the entire region.”