American lawyer speaks on historic legal moments

Mr. Stephen Griffith, an American lawyer with more than forty years’ experience in legislation and probate law, delivered the first in year-long series of afternoon lectures to the JSW Law student body.

Professor Griffith, who is a visiting professor at Royal Thimphu College (RTC), will focus his series on important cases and legal controversies from around the world.

In addition to more than thirty years at the American law firm Stoel Rives LLP, Professor Griffith served as counsel to the Judiciary Committee of the Oregon state House of Representatives, where he co-authored the official commentary to the state’s Evidence Code.

Vice Dean Michael Peil introduced and welcomed Professor Griffith.  “In addition to his wealth of experience as a lawyer, Professor Griffith brings a thoughtful and entertaining approach to the history of law – not just in his own country, but around the world.  His lectures will give our first-year students a sense of the importance of law, and of their place in the global legal community.”