Singaporean professors lead faculty In pedagogy workshop

JSW Law faculty and guests from the Bhutan National Legal Institute (BNLI) concluded three days of pedagogy training, led by a faculty delegation from the National University of Singapore Faculty of Law.

Led by Professor Eleanor Wong, the delegation also included Professors Ruby Lee and Sonita Jeyapathy.  The professors led large-group trainings on simulations, problem-based learning, and other inclusive classroom techniques, and also met with a select group of law school instructors one-on-one to discuss specific innovations in their respective classes.

Vice Dean Michael Peil thanked the professors for their time and energy.  “As Bhutan’s first and only law school, JSW Law has the freedom to ‘break the mold,’ adopting innovative teaching and learning techniques to best educate and train Bhutan’s first generation of lawyers,” Professor Peil said.  “We are delighted that Eleanor, Ruby, and Sonita are willing and able to share with us their ideas and experience, and we look forward to seeing where their example leads us.”

The delegation promised to visit the law school in future years to help in the continued development of course modules and pedagogy.