Senior Lecturer Dema Lham co-facilitates legislative drafting workshop

Senior Lecturer Dema Lham joined Mr Matthew Secomb, a partner in the Singapore office of White & Case LLP, and Mr Aditya Sing, an associate in the same office, to deliver a three-day workshop on legislative drafting to government attorneys and policy-makers from around the country.

The workshop was organized under the aegis of the Bhutan National Legal Institute (BNLI).

The three led the more than 40 attendees in exercises and examples designed to improve the quality of legislative and regulatory drafting in the country.  The workshop, intended as a “masterclass” in drafting, was the second part of a legislative drafting training series that began last summer.

White & Case is a long-time partner of JSW Law, contributing expertise, know-how, and personnel to the law school’s planning and operations since 2009.  This workshop was conducted as part of White & Case’s broader corporate social responsibility mission to provide training to lawyers across Bhutan.  Several other White & Case attorneys will deliver workshops to various cross-sections of Bhutan’s legal community in the coming months.