JSW Law administers second Bhutan LSAT

Nearly 300 students gathered at the Auditorium of the Royal Institute of Management (RIM) in Semtokha, Thimphu, for the second annual administration of the Law School Admissions Test (Bhutan). The Test is the second mandatory step in JSW Law’s three-part undergraduate admissions process.

The students, drawn from across Bhutan, sat for the three-hour examination which included multiple-choice sections on logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and reading comprehension, as well as an essay section in Dzongkha.

Their performance on the LSAT will be combined with their Grade XII test results to determine a composite score.  The students earning the highest fifty top composite scores will be invited to Thimphu in February for an hour-long face-to-face interview with JSW Law faculty to determine the final admissions results.

The LSAT was first administered in Bhutan in February 2017; more than twice as many students sat for this year’s test.

The Bhutan LSAT was designed by the Law School Admission Council, the same organization that designs and administers the Law School Admission Test in the United States.  Under an agreement between JSW Law and the Council, the LSAC has committed to design and grade the Bhutan LSAT for three years.