Research Centre hosts curriculum presentation by Vice Dean

The Research Centre hosted its first “Faculty Research Forum” lunchtime lecture, delivered by Vice Dean Michael Peil, on the topic of curriculum design at the law school.

The presentation was the first in a series of in-house lectures organized by the Research Centre as a forum for JSW Law’s teaching and research faculty to present, share and discuss original research. Ms DeRemer, Head of the Research Centre at JSW Law, stated that, “The Research Centre is thrilled to initiate this important lecture series designed to strengthen the research culture at JSW Law. The Faculty Research Forum is designed to provide members of the JSW Law faculty the opportunity to share academic endeavors, such as personal research, and in return gain valuable feedback from JSW Law’s diverse circle of colleagues.”

Professor Peil’s presentation was titled “Designing a Curriculum for Bhutan’s First Law School,” and was a summary of the four years of research and design that resulted in the law school’s undergraduate course of study.  Peil will deliver the lecture at the end of March at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.

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