At Jigme Singye Wangchuck School of Law, we endeavour to:

  1. Prepare students for honourable careers at the highest levels of the legal profession and public affairs through a thorough grounding in legal doctrine, advocacy skills, professional responsibility, and legislation and legislative processes, through classroom study, practical training, and other means;
  2. Train our students to think deeply about local and global legal questions and to solve sophisticated problems;
  3. Study Bhutan’s unique development paradigm of Gross National Happiness and examining this policy’s effects on the macro and the micro levels;
  4. Provide our students with opportunities to help real clients with real problems under the supervision of world-class instructors in our clinical programs focusing on Dispute Resolution, Human Dignity, and Commercial and Transactional Law;
  5. Offer our students an externship in their final semester to gain practical, bona fide experience in the working world; and
  6. Offer a world-class legal education to our students while remaining true to our Bhutanese ideals, culture and ethics;
  7. Facilitate research in law and related fields; and
  8. Promote cultural enrichment and traditional values.

∼ Provisions of the Royal Charter



“To maintain and improve strong legal institutions that contributes to a vibrant democracy by creating an effective legal fraternity of educated, well-trained and socially responsible professionals.”

∼ Preamble of the Royal Charter