The Post Graduate Diploma in National Law, or PGDNL, is a pathway to the practice of law in Bhutan. This course was started in early 1990s with an objective of training legal professionals on national laws and traditional values of Bhutan including coursework in advanced Dzongkha studies and Buddhist philosophy.

Currently, opportunities to work as a legal officer in the civil service, to join the judiciary, or to practice law, are only open to persons with this postgraduate certificate. PGDNL will continue to be an important pathway to practice for those law graduates with LLB degrees from outside Bhutan, either as a prerequisite or as a preparatory course for entry into the bar or the bench.

The Law School will take over this course from Royal Institute of Management in 2019. Students will be required to take courses on the Constitution of Bhutan, Civil and Criminal Procedure, Advanced Dzongkha, Legal Research & Writing, Legal Drafting – Conveyances & Pleadings, Alternative/Appropriate Dispute Resolution, and Clinics. Wherever possible, students will attend relevant classes with undergraduate students.