The Post Graduate Diploma in National Law, or PGDNL, is the primary pathway to the practice of law in Bhutan. This course was started in early 1990s, in order to train Bhutanese lawyers who received their legal training abroad with a thorough grounding in Bhutanese national law and traditional values of Bhutan, including rigorous coursework in advanced Dzongkha studies and Buddhist philosophy.  Completion of the one-year PGDNL course, offered by the Royal Institute of Management (RIM), is a prerequisite to sit for the bar examination or to apply for jobs in the civil service or judiciary. 

The five-year undergraduate course of study at JSW School of Law satisfies all the curricular requirements for the PGDNL, and concludes with the awarding of a joint “Bachelor of Laws / Post Graduate Diploma in National Law” (PGDNL).  As such, JSW Law graduates are not required to sit for the separate PGDNL course. However, the PGDNL is still a mandatory pathway to the practice of law in Bhutan for those graduates with degrees in law from outside Bhutan.

For more information about the PGDNL course, please see the RIM website at and