JSW Law welcomes class of 2023

On Saturday, JSW Law welcomed the Class of 2023 — our second entering class. Tashi Delek to our newest group of students, as well as the parents, teachers, and mentors who inspired and led them here!

Kuenzang Dolma joins teaching faculty

The law school today welcomed its fourteenth full-time faculty member today, Junior Lecturer Kuenzang Dolma. Kuenzang will teach the compulsory second-year course in Property Law, and will also join the Clinical Faculty’s efforts to develop JSW Law’s “Appropriate Dispute Resolution Clinic,” due to launch in spring of 2021. Prior to joining the law school, Kuenzang

JSW Law faculty publishes article in Druk Journal

Stephan Sonnenberg published an article in the Druk Journal entitled “#Scl Media @Dmcrcy: Is Something Missing?” Speaking from the American perspective, the article encourages Bhutan – and more specifically Bhutanese citizens – to assume a more cautiously defensive attitude towards the role of social media in a democratic election. The article is available at the

Prof. Peil speaks at University of Victoria, Canada

Michael Peil, the vice dean and associate professor of law, today delivered two lectures at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. The first, titled “Designing a Curriculum for Bhutan’s First Law School,” concerned the process and outcomes of JSW Law’s four-year development of the five-year undergraduate course of study.  The second, titled “Parliamentary