Mahesh Gajmer

Junior Lecturer (on study leave)

Mahesh Gajmer was appointed as a Junior Lecturer for Property Law and Intellectual Property Law in
May 2019. He is from Kirkorthang gewog under Tsirang Dzongkhag.

He earned Law degree from Sikkim University (Central University est. by an Act of Parliament, 2007) in
2014 and Post Graduate Diploma in National Law from Royal Institute of Management in 2018.

Prior joining to JSW School of Law, he was with Yoezerling School, Paro, in a capacity as a teacher for
one academic year in 2015, after which he joined Clues and Colleague, Thimphu where he severed as a
Junior Associate from January 2016 to December 2017.
His research interest includes conversation of Biodiversity and farmer’s rights, impact of customary laws
on inheritance, doctrine of eminent domain. Currently he is designing a course for Intellectual Property