Pedup Dukpa

Junior Lecturer (on study leave)

Pedup Dukpa was recruited towards the end of 2019 to take a lead on the multi-semester
compulsory sequence of courses in Legal Research, Writing, and Advocacy. Prior to joining
JSW School of Law, Pedup Dukpa worked for Royal Education Council (an agency dedicated to
the development of the national curriculum, teacher training, and conduct of educational research
to inform policy and practice) since April 2009. The last position he held was Senior Research
Officer in REC. Before that, he taught two modules ‘MAT 3409 Teaching of Mathematics’ and
‘MAT 3508 Descriptive Statistics’ for a semester in Paro College of Education. He also taught
classes 9 and 11 students’ the national mathematics curriculum in Motithang Higher Secondary
School for almost a year in 2008.
Based on academic merit after completion of the Indian School Certificate, he received the Royal
Government of Bhutan full undergraduate scholarship to Trent University, Canada, from 2004 –
2007, to study Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. He graduated with honours and good
academic standing from Trent University. In 2018, he was the primary nominee for the first
Fulbright Masters Fellowship programme in Bhutan.
Pedup has published more than 20 research studies and reports for Royal Education Council,
Ministry of Education, Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment Save the
Country, UNESCO National Commission Office, and the Royal University of Bhutan. Some of the
national-level studies conducted are as follows: Needs Assessment on Differentiated Curriculum
in Science and Mathematics (2019), Status of Disaster Risk Reduction in Bhutanese Schools
(2018), A practical guide to Action Research: Enhancing professional practice of Bhutanese
Teachers (2017), Review of the Non-Formal Education Programme (2016), Review of classes 3
and 6 yearend examination (2016), Bhutanese student’s attitude towards mathematics (2015),
and Bhutan Education Blueprint 2014-2024:Rethinking Education (2014).
In acknowledgement of his volunteer service during the Centenary and Coronation Celebration
2008, he received a Certificate of Appreciation from Prime Minister and Home Minister of
Bhutan. In 2002, he also received a Certificate of Social Service from Help Age India for
creating awareness and assistance in raising funds for the care of the elderly irrespective of race,
religion, caste, or creed in India.

For details, please check his short two page CV.