Tashi Gyalpo

Adjunct Faculty


Name:                                 TASHI GYALPO

DoB:                                    October 12, 1972

Sex:                                      Male

Nationality:                        Bhutanese

Marital Status:                  Married

Village:                               Beldara

Gewog:                               Pemathang

Dungkhag:                          Samdrupcholing

District:                               Samdrup Jongkhar

Country:                             Bhutan

Employment:                     Self-employed at Bhutan Legal Eagles

Contact Address:              Address: Building No. 11B, Flat No. 4, Changangkha Lam, Thim Throm, Thimphu, Bhutan; Email: tashiigyalpo@gmail.com; Phone No: +975-17601828 or +975-02-330277 (Office)


June 2013            American University, Washington College of Law, Washington, DC

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow

Honors: Selected by Fulbright/U.S. State Department among 2500 professionals worldwide and competing professionals from Bhutan

Relevant courses: International Law; International Trade Law; International Contract Law; International Commercial Arbitration; American Legal Institution; Humphrey Seminar

Sept. 2007           University of East Anglia School of Law, Norwich, United Kingdom

LL.M. with Distinction on International Trade Law with Research Methods and Training

Honors: Selected by the Royal Government of Bhutan

Relevant subjects: International Economic Law; Sales & Carriage in International Law; Payments & Finance in International Law; International Commercial Arbitration

Mar. 2003           Royal Institute of Management, Thimphu, Bhutan

Post Graduate Diploma in National Laws (National Legal Course)

June 2001            National Law School of India University, Bangalore, India

B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) (Equivalent of Juris Doctor in the U.S.); GPA: 4.50 (In a scale of 1-7)

Honors: Full Government of India Scholarship

Activities: Captain of the University Football Team, 2001


Licensed to practice law in Bhutan, 2003


2016-2021           Bhutan Legal Eagles, a recently established law firm in Bhutan,

                              Jabmi (Attorney-at-law) cum founder of the law firm

                       Worked on formation of the company; Drafted a shareholders’ internal agreement Advised a company on tax liability of imports

                       Worked as intermittent consultants for Asian Development Bank

                       Drafted subsidiary legislations for Asian Development Bank

                       Engaged in litigations before the courts on various matters

2020-2021           Bar Council of Bhutan, Disciplinary Committee of the Bar Council


 2016-2020           Consumer Board, Office of Consumer Protection Board, Ministry of Economic Affairs


                              Advise and frame policies on consumer protection issues


2017                     National Assembly of Bhutan


Conducted training on Introduction to basic legal principles and interpretation of statutes” to Committee Secretaries


2017                     National Environment Commission


                              Reviewed policies and legislations relevant to climate change


2010-2016           Office of the Attorney General

                              Acting Deputy Attorney General(De facto Deputy Attorney General) (Civil Servant)

  • Represented the Government before the courts
  • Advised the Government on all legal matters when referred to the Office
  • Drafted and reviewed the bills
  • Assisted the Attorney General in administration of the Office
  • Facilitated and planned activities and Annual Performance Target of the Office
  • Restructured the Office
  • Assisted the Government to draft legislative plans; organized trainings and meetings
  • Advised the Government on formation of state enterprises
  • Reviewed numerous contractual business agreements including agreements on hydro-power projects, foreign direct investments, financial agreement with World Bank, Asian Development Bank, International Monetary Fund, European Investment Bank

2003-2016           Office of the Attorney General


Drafted numerous Government Bills, subsidiary legislations, international legal instruments and contractual documents of the Government                             

Drafted among others:

  • Rules of Procedure for Treaty Making 2016
  • Office of the Attorney General Bill 2013
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Centers Act 2013
  • Impeachment Bill 2012
  • Administrative Tribunal Bill 2012
  • Tourism Council Bill 2011
  • Income Tax (Amendment) Bill 2011
  • Sales Tax and Customs Excise (Amendment) Bill 2011
  • Former Prime Minister’s Privilege Bill 2011
  • Public Finance (Amendment) Bill 2011
  • Office of the Attorney General Act 2006
  • Tenancy Bill 2004

Reviewed among others:

  • Bhutan Information & Communication Media Authority Bill 2014
  • Chemical Weapons Convention Bill 2014
  • Bhutan Civil Service Rules & Regulations 2012
  • Gift Rules 2012
  • Domestic Violence Prevention Bill 2011
  • Immigration Rules and Regulation 2011
  • Tobacco Control Rules & Regulations 2011
  • Disaster Management Bill 2011
  • Education City Bill 2011
  • Working Parent’s Incentive Bill 2010
  • Election Bill 2008
  • Public Fund Bill 2008
  • National Referendum Bill 2008
  • Limitation Bill 2010
  • Emergency Bill 2010
  • Consumer Protection Bill 2005

2016                     National Coordinating Committee for Anti-Money Laundering, Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan


Appointed as a member to review policy issues to combat money laundering and financing of terrorism

2015                     Independent Review Body, Ministry of Finance


                       Heard and adjudicated complaints on Government procurement matters

2015                     Law Review Task Force, Royal Government of Bhutan


                              Discussed and reviewed laws of Bhutan

2003-2014           Office of the Attorney General, Thimphu, Bhutan

                              Chief Attorney (a civil servant)

Prosecuted criminal cases and guided young lawyers on prosecution

Represented the Government on civil lawsuits; Drafted and reviewed laws (including Tenancy Act; Land Act; Election Act; Public Finance Act; National Referendum Act; Alternative Dispute Resolution Center Act); Scrutinized numerous contractual documents of the government; Advised the Government on many legal affairs; Revamped the prosecution techniques and processes in the Office of the Attorney General and prosecuted some of the landmark criminal cases on corruption (Like Army Welfare Project case; Mining scam in Samtse); Represented Government in a first constitutional case


2014                     Royal Civil Service Medal


Received Royal Civil Service Medal (Bronze) for serving the Government over ten years


2013                     SAARC Arbitration Panel


        Appointed as a SAARC arbitrator in the Panel of SAARC arbitrators from Bhutan


2010-2012           Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Thimphu, Bhutan

                              Legal Advisor

Advised the Prime Minister and the Government on all daily legal affairs and assisted in preparation of legislative plans; Updated and apprised the Prime Minister on the parliamentary sessions and affairs; Represented Government in the first Constitutional case between the Opposition Party and the Government, before the High Court and Supreme Court of Bhutan


2012                     Bhutan Electricity Authority, Thimphu, Bhutan


Issued licences to the new Hydropower Projects and supervised the electricity distribution and maintenance and revisited the policy issues concerning hydropower investments in the country

2008                     Election Commission of Bhutan, Thimphu, Bhutan

Legal Advisor

Arbitrated election disputes among the political parties, candidates and workers during the First Parliamentary Elections in Bhutan; reviewed the electoral laws.

2006                     National Arbitration Committee, Thimphu, Bhutan

Member (Arbitrator)

Adjudicated disputes mainly between construction industries and employer (Government) and facilitated speedy resolution


Dec. 2014            DisputeResolution Systems: Policies, Structures and Strategies, hosted by Singapore Co-operation Programme in Singapore


                              Attended training course on alternative dispute resolution, particularly on the art of mediation

Oct. 2014            Financial Investigations and Asset Recovery, hosted by International Centre for Asset Recovery and Anti-Corruption Commission of Bhutan, Thimphu, Bhutan


Attended training on financial investigation and asset recovery, dealing with investigation and prosecution of money laundering

May 2014            Institutional visits, Germany and Denmark


Visited wind farms, Biogas and solar farms in Germany and Denmark as a Commissioner of Bhutan Electricity Authority                           

May 2013            American Management Association, Washington DC

                              Seminar on Effective Executive Speaking

Attended seminar to improve public speaking with clarity, brevity and good articulation

May 2013            International Law Institute, Washington DC

                              Professional Affiliation

                              Affiliated with the Institute to gain working experience in the United States

May 2013            Workshop on Legislative Drafting, International Law Institute, Washington DC


                              Attended workshop on Legislative Drafting on American laws

March 2013        American Society of International Law, Washington DC


        Attended conference on International Law on Multipolar World

Feb. 2013            Workshop on Strategic Negotiation Skills, hosted by Institute of International Education, and sponsored by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs


                              Attended seminar to improve skills and strategies of negotiations

May 2012            Institutional visit to Queensland, Australia


                              Visited Crown Law, Legal Services Commission, Energy and Water Ombudsman

Sept. 2011           Mediation Skills Training, Organized by the Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology in Thimphu


                              Participated in the mediation skills programme

July 2011             Program Management Imperatives for E-Governance, organized by the National Institute of Indian Technology in Thimphu


                              Participated in the training program on e-governance and management

Oct. 2010            United Nations General Assembly, United Nations, New York, NY


                       Represented Bhutan in the 6th Committee on legal affairs of the United Nations General Assembly

May 2010            Seminar on International Humanitarian Law, Bangalore, India


Attended lectures on international humanitarian law, human rights and refugee law

June 2009            Institutional Visit to Denmark and United Kingdom


Visited Danish Bar and Law Society, Danish Prosecution Service International Bar Association, U.K.

May 2009            Attorney General’s Chamber, Singapore

                              Professional Affiliation

Affiliated with Drafting and Prosecution Divisions of the Attorney General’s Chamber of Singapore to upgrade the art of drafting of laws and prosecution systems

Dec. 2008            Institutional visit to Delhi, India


Visited Ministry of Law, Indian Law Institute, Supreme Court of India, and Supreme Court Bar Association

June 2008            Seminar on Effective Management of National and Local Elections, Manila, Philippines


                              Learnt about the elections system of Philippines for both the national level and         local      government elections

August 2006        Training for National Gender Focal Person Points in Gender Mainstreaming and Analysis, hosted by the National Commission for Women and Children, Bhutan


                              Participated in the training mainstream the gender issues

August 2005        IMF-STI, Singapore


Participated in a seminar on Creditor’s Rights in Emerging Economies, conducted by the Singapore Regional Training Institute in collaboration with the International Monetary Fund on remedies available to the creditors and investors

March 2004         National Workshop on Preventive Drug Education, hosted by Colombo Plan Advisory Programme and the Department of Youth, Culture & Sports, Bhutan


                              Participated the workshop on prevention of drugs

Feb. 2004            Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training on Legislative Drafting, Parliamentary Secretariat, New Delhi, India


                       Availed training on drafting of laws including the skills of drafting and examination of the legality of the Bills and procedures of enactment

Oct. 2003            Institutional Visit to England, U.S.A. and Netherlands


Visited Crown Prosecution Service and Central Criminal Court in England; Visited Department of State and Federal Bureau of Investigation (Fraud Division) in the United States;

Visited the Department of Prosecution, Ombudsman and International Court of Justice in the Netherlands


 2003-2013           Developed format of the charges for prosecution in the Office of the Attorney General;

                              Represented Govt. before the court of law on landmark cases including the Constitutional case n Bhutan

2013                     Received Civil Service Award (Bronze) from His Majesty the King

2012-2013           Humphrey Fellow, Washington College of Law, American University, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

2011                     Got meritorious promotion in civil service from P3 to P2

2007                     Awarded Master of Laws in International Trade Law with Distinction from the University of East Anglia

1995                     Topped the whole Bhutan in Indian School Certificate Examinations (Class XII Arts, Sherubtse College)

1988                     Passed Class VI Common Examination with Distinction from Gomdar Primary School [4th Position in whole Bhutan]


Sharchop (Native); Dzongkha (Official and fluent); English (fluent); Nepali (Intermediate in speaking skills); Hindi (Basic speaking)

For professional references, following persons may be contacted:

  1. Sonam Tashi, Acting Deputy Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General at 17111114 or at stashi@oag.gov.bt