EC Vision:

In order to ensure that Bhutan’s corporate legal community serves not only the interests of the richest and most powerful, but rather the entire country, the Entrepreneurialism Clinic will train Bhutanese lawyers to support and strengthen the sustainable, equitable, and inclusive growth of Bhutanese small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), in line with the overall principles of GNH.

EC Mission: Pedagogical Impact

The Law School EC Clinic teaches students to give clear and well-rounded legal advice to institutional clients, including corporate and non-for-profit entities (CSOs). Students learn to provide ethical advice, and learn to work collaboratively with professionals from other substantive disciplines.

EC Mission: Social Impact

GNH requires simultaneous progress in all four pillars of the GNH paradigm, the first of which is sustainable and equitable socio-economic development. Bhutan’s quest to maximize GNH will succeed only if Bhutan’s economy continues to diversify, and continues to be a boon for living standards across all segments of civil society. No sector is more important in this regard than small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), especially those dedicated to a vision of business contributing to GNH in some way. JSW Law’s EC provides crucial legal support to SMEs that otherwise could not afford to secure legal advice, thus ensuring that this generally under-resourced segment of the population nonetheless benefit from the legal protections it needs to flourish and contribute productively to the nation.

EC Mission: Academic Impact

Bhutan is known worldwide for GNH, which requires that it not pursue a typical developing world growth agenda, but instead build on the resourcefulness of the Bhutanese people, and the bounty of Bhutan’s natural resources, to drive sustainable and equitable economic progress. JSW Law’s EC creates and freely disseminates for public use intuitive and annotated legal document templates, and engages in constructive advocacy with policy makers on policies that might facilitate the growth of SMEs as a vital foundation of Bhutan’s growth economy.

Student Practice:

During their first semester of clinic, students in the EC work with Bhutanese small business entrepreneurs to help them incubate innovative, sustainable and socially responsible business models. Students will also work hand in hand with these entrepreneurs to maneuver administrative processes and to ensure that the resulting business models are supported and protected by intuitive and clear legal documents. In their second semester, students will also be involved with policy work designed to strengthen an enabling environment for dynamic social entrepreneurs in Bhutan.

To contact the EC, or to explore a potential partnership with the EC involving JSW Law’s clinical students and faculty, please contact the EC’s Director, Mr. << Adrian von Bernstorff >>.