Sonam Yangchen, Class of 2022


One thing that really inspired me to apply for JSW School of Law was the very impressive selection criteria that they presented to us. literally tests your analytical, critical and reasoning skills. And the interview that is the last phase of the selection criteria is one of the most interesting parts because it really examines the core of the kind of person you are.


Sonam Tenzin, Class of 2022


“When I heard about our country’s first law school and its name, I knew it would be an extraordinary place. After reaching here. I was proven right. The teachers and professors are highly knowledgeable as well as from different parts of the world. I feel very fortunate to be here and I am really grateful to everybody involved in making this a dream come true for us.”


Tenzin Selden, Class of 2022

“What I like most about this law school is that it takes in a very small number of students – no more that 25 in each batch. Therefore, the learning process is made more individual and special for both the professors and the students”.





The JSW Law student body is, by design, quite small and quite selective. Only about 25 students are admitted each year, and all students receive full scholarships.  Admitted students pay no tuition.

There are no “day students” or “commuter students” at JSW Law. All students are residential boarders, living on the same campus in Taba, Thimphu, where they study. There is a school cafeteria on campus, as well as a library, a student recreation room, and outdoor recreation facilities.

Students study five to six courses per semester. For first year students, classes run from 8:30am to 1:00pm, with the afternoons reserved for study, enrichment activities, and scheduled and unscheduled recreation.

Opening its doors in 2017, the law school community is still quite young.  Therefore, many of the student clubs and interest groups that one might expect at other colleges have not yet been established. We count on our first cohorts of students to establish these clubs and, thereby, enrich the entire community. Our first classes of students have already established a thriving student government, a Scouting unit, several volunteer activities, and numerous religious and cultural activities.

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