What do you mean when you say you will only admit 25 students? Will you stand by those numbers no matter what?

We mean pretty much precisely that. In July of 2017, we expect approximately 25 students to walk through our door. And again in July 2018, July 2019, etc… Once we are operating at full capacity, this means we will have approximately 125 full time undergraduate law students studying at JSW Law at any given time.

At some future point in time, students pursuing their Masters in Bhutanese Law may bump that number slightly higher, but not by much.

This is a lot fewer students than you might find studying in another law school. But that figure is based on our best assessment of how many lawyers Bhutan will need in the years ahead. We realize that youth unemployment is a major problem in Bhutan, and we do not wish to contribute to this problem by graduating hordes of unemployed lawyers.

Furthermore, we also believe that small is beautiful, and that we will only be able to provide our law students with the kind of individually-tailored teaching that you deserve if we keep our faculty-to-student ratio among the highest in the region, if not globally.

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